Little Animal

I have a little animal, it is short and fat and round
When it feels insecure, it curls up on the ground,
It gets its straw and gathers it, and puts it in a heap,
Then it puts its nose in and goes ‘Meep meep, meep meep’

Oh, its fur is golden, its got big ears and eyes,
When it feels unhappy it nods it head and cries.
It makes its little crying sound that is high, not deep,
And folds its ears up tightly and goes ‘Meep meep, meep meep.’

Its got furry whiskers, and very fluffy hair,
It rolls round on the ground like a teddy bear,
I gave it a ladder, but it was high and steep,
It fell down from the top and went ‘Meep meep, meep-meep meep’

I love my little animal, it’s very very nice,
It eats chopped up peanuts and little bits of rice,
It went out in the field, got eaten by a sheep.
Before it died it gently cried ‘Meep meep, meep-meep meep’

I miss my little animal, I miss it oh so much,
I miss his funny little face, I miss his tickly touch,
But sometimes, in the night, when I am fast asleep,
I am gently woken up by a ghostly ‘Meep meep, meep-meep meep’